The process of being pregnant for me was a very difficult one. I did not wish to simply use conventional medicine and having needed a caesarean birth due to previous surgery, I wanted homeopathic support to deal with the fear I had leading up to the operation, the healing afterwards and the emotional and physical implications for myself and my son. I have to say the birth was a very positive experience. Dawn continues to work with our family now that Fox is a few months old and offers homeopathic support for the natural healing that is taking place for myself and the windy, colicky symptoms that are common in young babies.


Baby’s Mother

There is a tendency to think that spending time and money on our own health and wellbeing is something we can put off, or that we can sort out for ourselves. This month I found out the hard way that this is a really stupid idea.  Recurring headaches, immune to all known pills, meant I had to start turning down work.  As the owner of my own business, this carried a heavy cost.

Following recommendations from various friends, I have now had two treatment sessions with Charles Tisdall at the Dacrelands Clinic.  Within the first 24 hours, the headaches had eased considerably.  Three weeks on, they have not returned.  It is clear to me that Charles’ methods work, and that the improvements he brings about for clients result from his extensive knowledge of alternative healthcare.


Smiling Baby

I have had neck pain for a few years now and I was encouraged to visit Mr Tisdall at Dacrelands Clinic by a family member and I am glad I did. Mr Tisdall listened carefully and explained things clearly and in two sessions I was sorted! My neck was feeling stronger and I had freedom of movement again.

I would highly recommend Mr Tisdall and Dacrelands Clinic.



I have been a patient of Mr Charles Tisdall since 1992, receiving treatment for a recurring back and neck problem.  I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending his services to anyone requiring osteopathic treatment assisted by acupuncture.
I have always felt supremely confident in his ability to diagnose and treat my problem most efficiently.  It is also reassuring that he tries to make timely appointments, which is greatly appreciated when the problem is severe.



For more than 20 years I have been having osteopathic treatment from Charles Tisdall at Dacrelands Clinic.  My problems have varied over time, but I have regularly gained help and relief in the forms of massage, acupuncture and skeletal adjustments.  As a result, although I am elderly, I am still active and motivated, thanks to the care I have received.



I am a pub landlord, and have had back issues on/off for years.  Recently, I injured my back whilst on holiday in Spain.  I saw a chiropractor and an osteopath whilst on holiday.  However, there was little to no difference in my back.  I had been recommended to visit Charles at Dacrelands, by several people.  So whilst still on holiday, I made an appointment with Charles, who fitted me in on the day I landed.  I saw Charles, and his knowledge was second to none.  He has a very friendly manner, and explained what he thought the problem was.  I received acupuncture and manipulation, and almost instantly felt a huge difference to the pain I had been in for the last couple of weeks.  I have had a couple of follow up appointments, and each visit, I have left feeling miles better.  I would thoroughly recommend anyone with any back pain, to visit Dacrelands.   It is only through the treatments I have received from Charles, that I have been able  to return to work.



I am spreading the word of your excellent services. First day back at work after my holiday and I am bouncing off the walls feeling absolutely fantastic. I’ve not felt like this for a long long time. People are commenting on how well I look and I’ve told them it’s all down to you. I can’t gush enough to them about just how much you can work wonders.