Roberta Byram

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

My practice and approach

I am a highly qualified Psychotherapist with a proven track record of helping clients achieve positive change.  I specialise in PTSD, Development Trauma, OCD, Health Anxiety, Panic Disorder, General Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, Depression, Grief and other psychological problems.  I am fully accredited with the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP). My BABCP registration number is 140183.     


I have worked for the NHS, social services, private companies and presently, I run my own private practice and training company Human Update. I use a range of evidence-based psychotherapies that utilise Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I have a creative and adaptive style of working that results in a high recovery rate. I pride myself that my clients develop self- knowledge and leave having undergone meaningful change, along with the necessary toolkit to deal with events in the future.  

Qualifications and experience

Full BABCP accreditation 

I have Advanced Postgraduate Qualification in High-Intensity CBT  

Degree in Psychology and Health  

Teaching qualification (DTTL) 

NLP Master Practitioner 

Over 20 years experience in teaching and mental health

What I aim to achieve in my practice

I Provide


  • Individual (one to one) Assessment and Therapy
  • Group Sessions
  • Corporate Training


Human Update Training and Current Events


Human Update is the name of my training services company. At Human Update, we provide engaging, informative and fun training services designed to inform individuals and organisations of evidence-based, CBT knowledge and techniques. 


For Individuals


We are currently running our introductory CBT session, “The Quick Start Guide”. This small group, 2.5 hour session is designed to give individuals an introduction to the mind and a chance to engage with some CBT techniques delivered by a fully qualified Psychotherapist. If you are currently experiencing anxiety/depression and wanting to take a first step, on a waitlist for help, or if you just want to gain a better understanding of anxiety/depression this session could be for you.. 

These sessions run regularly here at Dacrelands Clinic, for dates, tickets and more information, click the link below


For Organisations


Human Update provides people with the ability to improve their mental health and as a result, improve engagement, productivity, and overall success. We believe that Investing in employees’ mental health is investing in the future of any organisation. You can find out more by visiting or get in touch at to see how we can help to implement mental health training within your organisation. 

Roberta Byram


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