Larry Jones

Tai Chi Teacher

My practice and approach

I teach according to the student’s needs and at the students pace and so my practice and approach varies accordingly. Some students come to learn the discipline and commitment required to move into the advanced Martial Arts classes, others are needing a gradual clearing of blocked neurological pathways and a gentle aerobics programme. Classes are structured to incorporate the needs of all students combining the traditional solemnity of any Martial Art with a sense of fun and relaxation appropriate to today’s needs.

Qualifications and experience

I come from a background of social care, psychotherapy and counselling and hold qualifications from many courses studied over the years.


Since 2010 I have been in daily studies in Tai Chi Chuan and I have also studied in intensive workshops and weekend courses.


I study Martial Arts at the Lancaster School of Tai Chi Chuan and in a Tai Chi for rehab and retirement with Painting the Rainbow in Birmingham.


I teach individual and couples classes here at Dacrelands incorporating requirements such as dietary awareness or counselling practice accordingly.

I teach both seated Qigong and an adapted Tai Chi form at the Neuro Drop In Centre for all neurological recovery students.

I teach an over 50s youth club twice a week in Morecambe focusing on gentle movement, balance and co ordination.

I run night classes in Lancaster ranging from deep meditation to practical self defence for all.

What I aim to achieve in my practice

My aim is for the student to leave a class feeling invigorated and with a renewed energy. I give simple exercises to practice in small bursts throughout the week to maintain and cultivate this feeling of well being; providing you with effective skills to alter and improve your everyday living. You will be learning a complete and holistic art form that will greatly improve your present day living and insure for a substantial and balanced retirement.’

Larry Jones