Larry Jones


My practice and approach

Functional Movement Therapy is focused exercise honing in on your individual physical needs be it muscular skeletal or vital organ and works on emotional and trauma removal in a barely spoken manner.

I use techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) muscular skeletal exercises for repair of both the psycho-emotional and physical domains.

The exercises that you will be learning can also aid the body to absorb any necessary repair offered by mainstream medicines more readily, and rid the body of harmful toxins should you be advised by your doctor to be on medication.

You will be a student of an ancient healing art which will only take effect should you take the medicine; which is exercise, posture, body movement and correct breathing and thinking. 

I guide students into appropriate exercise working at their pace to ensure that the medicine becomes a good addiction that will be wanted and practised daily.

Qualifications and experience

My mainstream qualifications and experiences are in Social Care, Psychiatric Nursing, Person Centred Counselling, Transactional Analysis, Trauma Removal Therapy and Anxiety Management.

Less mainstream qualifications and experience are in
Shotokan karate
Yang style taijiquan
Zhan zhuang and other martial arts meditations
Shaolin qigongs and nei gongs
and Asthanga yoga at Lancaster School of Tai Chi Chuan.


Studies with Kai Ming taught me a more modern and accessible tai chi and how to translate a traditional martial art of dedication and discipline into a sweeter experience of Functional Movement Therapy.

What I aim to achieve in my practice

Is to get you addicted to exercise in a gentle manner.  You may well already be a fan of exercise and this would give us a great head start but most of us are not and there is a reason for this.

My aim is make exercise simple and sweet and focused on your needs.  As a student of TCM exercise you will learn the exercises rather than need regular coaching and so you will be provided with the skills backed with written and video tutorials to make this a short and affordable return to health.

Larry Jones