Dawn Keyse

Homeopathy and Natural Nutrition

My practice and approach

I am a homeopath and my practice is designed to assist patients on their way to achieving complete health and wellness. The homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural substances and are non-addictive. Where appropriate I will also prescribe from a range of flower essences and herbal tinctures. The consultation may include coaching on natural nutrition and naturopathy since our lifestyles and what we consume are fundamental to the process of getting well.

Qualifications and experience

Thirty years ago I experienced homeopathy when pregnant with my son. The remedies ensured a healthy pregnancy, helped during the birth process and enabled a quick recovery. Consulting an experienced homeopath through the early years led to my son moving through childhood illnesses rapidly and safely, behavioural challenges were also nipped in the bud and I remained healthy throughout.

After training as a primary school teacher, I later chose to make a career in alternative medicine and studied at the Homeopathy College in Birmingham, graduating in 1996. As fully qualified and insured practitioner I have treated hundreds of people of all ages, sizes and shapes for a wide variety of illnesses, symptoms and conditions. In every case I diligently focus on the person and not the disease. Taking into account the whole person fosters the body to naturally heal itself whatever the nature of the illness when presented with the appropriate and indicated medicine.

What I aim to achieve in my practice

Through my practice I aim to achieve a rooted relationship with my patients. By adopting a commitment to listening and paying thorough attention to the detail of an illness, together we can work to contextualise the body, understanding how it is attempting to heal itself and providing it with the correct tools to do so. Homeopathy is a gentle and safe system of medicine with no side effects or resulting dependency on tablets. My patients achieve an end to their symptoms and return to a state of health that, in many cases, has been eluding them for many years.

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