Catherine Feherty

Chiropodist Podiatrist

My practice and approach

I was the first podiatrist in the UK to engage in a polyclinic in Sainsbury’s. As a clinician I have had a lot of experience and have a very keen interest and holistic approach when treating patients with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and learning difficulties.

Qualifications and experience

I qualified in 2008 at Salford University with a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Podiatry. I am HCPC registered and I have had a lot of experience working and managing the ‘High Risk’ diabetic foot.

I was a part time podiatrist and previous team leader of podiatry in the NHS at Blackpool Teaching Hospital and find it very satisfying treating people within the private sector.

What I aim to achieve in my practice

Podiatry based at Dacrelands treats you as an individual. I will discuss and engage in your ongoing management of your foot health and keep you on the move!

I provide various treatments including nail cutting, nail surgery, biomechanics, callus reduction, corn removal, verruca advice and other foot pathology advice and treatment.

The most fundamental as well as most rewarding element of my approach to podiatry is when people have been experiencing pain for whatever reason walk away from an appointment pain free. This is very satisfying to see and makes my job very worthwhile!

We provide clinic appointments, home visits and nursing home visits.

Catherine Feherty

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