Ruth Quinn

Counsellor and Therapist

My practice and approach

I am a skilled Counsellor and Therapist with extensive experience in supporting people with depression, generalised anxiety, grief and a wide variety of other issues. I am also now practising as a supervisor for other Counsellors.


I work to enable people to live more fruitfully and with more ease. I believe each person benefits from a bespoke package of therapy and so initially we will discuss what is happening and plan a way forward. This may involve employing a variety of techniques. We will discuss how often you want to come for sessions and discuss what are your priorities. Some people prefer to work intensively for a short period, whilst others prefer a slower approach. Money and financial constraints also need to be considered.

Qualifications and experience

I have completed training in body centred psychotherapy and have a Person Centred Diploma in Advanced Counselling and Therapeutic Skills. I have completed a Supervision Training and also completed extensive training in working with Trauma and Developmental Trauma. I am skilled in working with people struggling with the complexity of life.


I have experience in counselling young people between the ages of 12 – 25 and also in working with adults struggling with depression, OCD, GAD. I also have extensive experience in working with issues related to gender and sexuality. I have worked as a lecturer in Counselling and Psychotherapy and have experience of Hospice work. I have also taught CBT and Solution Focused Brief therapy and use these interventions when they are most appropriate.

What I aim to achieve in my practice

Counselling is not an experience to undertake lightly. If this is your first time in counselling I will support and guide you through the process. I am skilled at ensuring we use the time available well to enhance your immediate well-being. Life can be utterly overwhelming at times and we need support and guidance to enable us to navigate the rocky path and to understand in a deep way why we are on this journey.


I will listen to you fully in your words, in your being and we will explore together ways of holding life that brings more joy and lightness to your days.

Ruth Quinn