Veda West

Medical Herbalist

My practice and approach

I take an holistic approach to healthcare, using high quality plant-derived medicine to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms. As well as prescribing tailor-made herbal medicines I will advise you about lifestyle and dietary changes which you can make to improve your health and wellbeing. I am trained to use plants both safely and effectively, and consider both your health problems and any medication that you are taking when creating your personalised prescription.

Qualifications and experience

I am an experienced medical herbalist holding an MSc with distinction, and a first class BSc(hons) degree in herbal medicine. I have experience supporting people with a wide range of health conditions and have a special interest in endocrine disorders, stress and women’s health. I am very experienced in seeing people with a number of complex health issues.

My degree training involved the study of anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology, clinical diagnosis, pathology, physiology, nutrition and clinical training. To achieve my degree I needed to demonstrate to a medical doctor and a herbalist (the President of N.I.M.H.) that I could diagnose illnesses, perform clinical examinations, create a prescription protocol, and use herbal medicines both effectively and safely.

I was awarded The Phyto Products Award for Pharmacology, by the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (N.I.M.H.), for my work analysing the role and mechanisms of the action of phytoestrogens (plant oestrogens found in plants such as Red Clover and Soya) in breast cancer.

I am a writer for the Advanced Herbal Medicine Course (aimed at educating herbal practitioners and healthcare practitioners) – Herbal Academy of New England.

What I aim to achieve in my practice

The aim of the treatment is to address the cause of the problem and not simply treat the symptoms. Listening to you, and creating a safe and supportive space for discussing your issues, is paramount.

Veda West


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