Trish Spence

CranioSacral + Paediatric CranioSacral Therapy

My practice and approach

I am lucky to have been doing the work that I love for the past 22 years. I am confident treating physical, emotional and mental issues. I have treated adults in their late 90’s to newborns one hour old, rugby players to toddlers and children, mental health to falls down the stairs, stress and anxiety to back and neck pain. My treatment approach is client-centered and multidisciplinary and my strengths lie in my wide experience as a therapist and my diverse knowledge of various therapies.

Qualifications and experience

I qualified in massage in 1997 and began my CranioSacral training in 1998 with the Upledger Institute completing the basics to advanced. Over the years I have completed various workshops and trainings that I felt would be useful to me and my practice. I am a member of the Independant Professional Therapists International and a founding member of the Cranio Sacral Society.

What I aim to achieve in my practice

I help babies (and mums) unravel after a challenging birth. I help my clients gain insight into their conditions and healing. We all react differently to trauma, stress and the loss of healing capacity and we all present our own unique combination of ailments, pains and dysfunctions which often relate to childhood, lifestyles and career choices. I love to work with my clients to find ways in which we can bring health and balance back in to their lives and find ways to maintain that balance outside the treatment room.

Patricia Spence